Platform for Success

West Haven’s future success starts with fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget. Nancy's platform for West Haven's success depends on:


  • On day one: Institute a hiring freeze for all non-essential positions
  • On day one: Institute a freeze on all non-essential spending
  • Create a culture of fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • All expenditures of more than $500 will require approval from the Mayor’s Office
  • Present and maintain responsible and balanced budgets
  • Aggressively tackle cumulative operating deficits and long-term bonding debt
  • Create a 5-year operating and capital budget for long-term planning
  • Review and re-negotiate vendor contracts to save money and gain efficiencies
  • Reactivate and empower the Board of Finance and appoint qualified citizens
  • Restructure commissioner salaries to be commensurate with qualifications/experience
  • Will reduce city positions through attrition
  • Investigate regionalization of city services with surrounding communities
  • Eliminate duplication of services between the city and Board of Education
  • End the practice of automatic raises for non-union staff

Economic Development

  • The revitalization of downtown will be priority #1
  • Aggressively market Acorn property on route 34 for development
  • Provide rental space on shoreline (Palace Street) for vendors to sell food, drinks, and gifts
  • Work with the Council of the Arts to develop a realistic and responsible plan to open the arts center
  • Showcase and revitalize West Haven’s under-utilized Route 1 corridor
  • Work with the University of New Haven to link the campus to the downtown area
  • Work with developer and area residents to ensure the West River Crossing (The Havens) is successful and in West Haven’s best interest
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plan for city-owned properties, schools and storefronts to forge commercial development and maximize return for taxpayers

Quality of Life

  • Clean up blighted properties and enforce adherence to the blight ordinance for a cleaner West Haven
  • Hold absentee landlords accountable for their properties
  • Provide well-maintained and safe parks and athletic facilities for our city youth and residents
  • Collaborate with local businesses and vendors to create public events throughout the year
  • Revitalize, clean-up and maintain parks in Allingtown
  • Advocate for better living conditions for our seniors with the Housing Authority


  • Work with Board of Education, administrators, and teachers to improve the quality of education and put our students first
  • Maintain all-day kindergarten within existing resources
  • Ensure that we provide a well-maintained and safe school environments that is conducive to learning
  • Maintain low student to teacher ratios to provide the best learning opportunity for our children

Public Safety

  • Work with Chief and Board of Police Commissioners to staff police substations located on the boardwalk, center, and in Allingtown
  • Repair and monitor cameras on the boardwalk and other public spaces to ensure safety
  • Get back to community policing using more walking, bike, and Segway patrols in public areas
  • Work with Police Commission and administrators on a long-term plan to retain our police officers
  • Provide members of the Police Department with the vehicles and tools needed to do their jobs safely

Transparency in Government

  • Use social and other media to communicate with residents on current issues and meetings
  • Broadcast City Council meetings on public television and make available on city website
  • Meeting agendas and minutes will be posted to the city website and social media in a timely manner
  • City employees will be evaluated and held accountable to the taxpayers
  • Mayor’s Office will be open at least one night per month for residents that work days
  • Appoint qualified individuals to serve on boards and commissions that will have West Haven’s best interest at heart

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